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EyeC Proofiler 1200 & 1700 DT for fast and secure medium to large print sample testing

EyeC develops fastest inspection systems for medium to large format print sample testing

EyeC presents the Proofiler 1200 DT and Proofiler 1700 DT as the newest technology for the fastest and safe sample testing of medium to large formats.

The inspection systems identify all relevant defects at twice the speed than competitive systems. A combo job on a typical press sheet (1060 x 750 mm or 42‘‘ x 30‘‘) with multiple die positions can be inspected in less than two minutes. The system verifies the complete sample content against a signed-off PDF file or printed proof and checks all texts, graphics, colours, braille as well as 1D or 2D codes in one inspection cycle.

The new flatbed scanning technology offers a safe and easy handling of medium, large or thin print samples up to 1270 x 915 mm or 50’’ x 36’’ (EyeC Proofiler 1200 DT) and 1780 x 1220 mm or 70’’ x 48’’ (EyeC Proofiler 1700 DT). Its intuitive user interface helps perform a fast, safe and comfortable quality inspection in just a few clicks. The system can verify all types of printed material such as sheets, leaflets, flexible packaging, labels or folding cartons.

The fields of the off-line inspection systems range from print sample testing during press make-ready to incoming quality control. “Printers can catch the relevant defects of the printed image early and safely by using our systems. They can thus avoid costly rejects, reprints or complaints“, explains Dr. Ansgar Kaupp, CEO of EyeC GmbH. “Pharmaceutical or brand manufacturers can also use them to perform a fast batch testing of all types of printed materials.“

EyeC will present the EyeC Proofiler 1200 DT as well as other inspection systems from May 4th to May 10th at Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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