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EyeC introduces new update on Proofiler pharma features

Hamburg, April 27, 2022.


Independent Reviewer Workflow


New crucial improvements were enclosed to our Independent Reviewer Workflow. Starting with a new review mode, which is based on the consensus of two operators with equal rights.

This feature allows the software to be adapted more flexibly to the needs of the customer.

In addition, some information has been added to the report so that the reviewer now has a better overview and basis for decision-making.

The examination decision and the complete usernames are now displayed more prominently on the cover page of the report. This, together with further improvements, leads to improved inspection documentation and better quality of your processes and products.



In order to be able to offer you the best support, we have introduced a new tool for database management. The new Database-Management-Tool can be used flexibly for various tasks. It is easy to check, update, backup and restore the Proofiler database. You can now benefit from the simple management of the Proofiler database.


Follow-up Examination

The possibility to start a follow-up examination directly from the evaluation view, minimizes the number of inspection steps and thus enables a faster process flow.

In addition, the follow-up examination function is now also available for the Independent Reviewer Workflow. This adapts the examination process to customer’s needs and guarantees a reliable and pleasant process.

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